Chopin - Nikita Magaloff - The Complete Piano Music Album

Chopin - Nikita Magaloff - The Complete Piano Music Album

Genre: Classical
Performer: Chopin - Nikita Magaloff
Album: The Complete Piano Music
Released: 2011
Style: Romantic
MP3 version ZIP size: 1150 mb
FLAC version ZIP size: 1362 mb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 179


No 2 In E Flat Major, Op 9 No 24:34
No 15 In B Flat Minor, Op Posth5:00
No 9 In G Flat Major "Butterfly"1:00
Mazurkas • Mazurken, Op 33
No 3 In C Major1:15
No 1 In C Major1:48
4. Finale. Presto6:44
No 10 In A Flat Major2:18
No 1 In G Minor2:37
No 19 In E Flat Major1:29
No 20 In C Minor1:51
No 3 In A Flat Major2:00
No 4 In E Minor2:28
Variations Brillantes, Op 127:55
No 4 In A Minor1:41
No 1 In B Flat Major2:24
4. Finale. Presto Non Tanto5:00
Mazurka In D Major1:44
No 14 In E Flat Minor0:27
No 2 In A Flat Major2:36
Sonata No 1 In C Minor, Op 4
No 2 In C Major2:27
No 7 In C Sharp Minor5:37
No 3 In C Sharp Minor5:00
No 2 In E Flat Minor, Op 26 No 27:14
No 3 In B Major, Op 9 No 36:42
1. Grave - Doppio Movimento7:19
Fugue In A Minor3:23
Scherzo No 2 In B Flat Minor, Op 319:18
Rondeau À La Mazurka In F Major, Op 58:34
No 18 In A Flat Major, Op Posth 1:41
3. Largo8:52
No 9 In F Minor1:30
No 3 In A Flat Major1:56
No 21 In B Flat Major1:45
No 17 In A Flat Major3:56
No 4 In C Minor, Op 40 No 24:55
No 16 In E Flat Major, Op 55 No 25:50
Ecossaise In D Flat Major, Op 72 No 50:35
No 19 In E Minor, Op 72 No 14:32
Scherzo No 3 In C Sharp Minor, Op 397:12
No 3 In C Minor5:34
Études • Etüden "Méthode Des Méthodes" (3 Nouvelles Etudes), Op Posth
No 6 In E Flat Minor4:07
No 6 In A Flat Major, Op 536:29
Rondeau In E Flat Major, Op 169:36
No 1 In B Major4:06
No 12 In B Flat Major, Op Posth3:44
No 9 In B Major, Op 32 No 15:37
No 12 In G Major, Op 37 No 26:27
No 2 In C Sharp Minor2:30
Mazurka In B Flat Major1:09
Mazurkas • Mazurken, Op 7
Mazurkas • Mazurken, Op 56
No 2 In A Minor3:18
No 4 In E Flat Minor1:00
No 1 In G Sharp Minor1:25
No 16 In A Flat Major, Op Posth 1:26
Sonata No 2 In B Flat Minor, Op 35
Cantabile In B Flat Major1:01
No 15 In D Flat Major5:23
No 8 In D Minor, Op 71 No 15:22
No 2 In B Minor/F Sharp Minor1:29
Mazurkas • Mazurken, Op 6
No 16 In B Flat Minor1:09
No 6 In G Sharp Minor2:08
Mazurkas • Mazurken, Op 68
No 1 In G Minor, Op 239:28
No 9 In A Flat Major, Op 69 No 1 "L'Adieu"2:50
1. Allegro Maestoso6:42
No 11 In G Flat Major, Op 70 No 11:37
No 11 In B Major0:42
No 9 In B Flat Major, Op 71 No 25:15
No 1 In B Flat Minor, Op 9 No 16:44
Variations Sur La "Marche Des Puritains" De Bellini1:45
No 14 In E Minor, Op Posth2:58
No 15 In F Minor, Op 55 No 15:22
No 14 In F Sharp Minor, Op 48 No 28:42
Marche Funèbre In C Minor, Op 72 No 24:36
No 3 In F Sharp Minor3:14
No 1 In F Sharp Minor1:52
1. Allegro Maestoso8:26
No 3 In B Major1:18
Mazurka In A Minor (À Emile Gaillard)2:35
No 23 In F Major0:54
3. Marche Funèbre. Lento7:17
No 17 In E Flat Major, Op Posth 2:59
No 3 In A Minor, Op 34 No 25:22
No 4 In B Minor4:54
No 20 In C Sharp Minor, Op Posth4:47
No 4 In A Minor4:05
No 6 In B Minor2:02
No 8 In D Flat Major1:12
Variations Sur Un Air National De Moore, For Piano Duet7:20
3. Larghetto3:38
No 5 In C Major0:40
No 5 In F Sharp Major, Op 15 No 23:36
No 1 In E Flat Major, Op 18 "Grande Valse Brillante"5:17
No 8 In F Sharp Minor1:59
Contredans In G Flat Major2:01
No 11 In A Minor "Winter Wind"3:51
No 1 In C Minor1:28
No 4 In A Flat Major1:14
Ecossaise In D Major, Op 72 No 30:50
No 4 In C Sharp Minor3:57
No 2 In D Major2:15
No 3 In D Flat Major2:24
No 3 In E Major2:06
No 2 In F Minor1:33
Mazurkas • Mazurken, Op 63
No 1 In C Sharp Minor3:26
No 22 In G Minor0:43
No 1 In A Flat Major, Op 294:18
No 10 In B Minor, Op 69 No 23:06
No 1 In C Major2:07
Berceuse In D Flat Major, Op 574:20
Mazurkas • Mazurken, Op 30
No 1 In C Major0:40
No 10 In B Minor4:18
No 6 In D Flat Major, Op 64 No 1 "Minute Waltz"1:42
Rondeau In C Major, Op 73, For 2 Pianos8:30
Variations Sur Un Air National Allemand8:30
No 1 In B Flat Major2:16
No 15 In E Major, Op Posth 2:13
No 4 In F Major, Op 34 No 3 "Valse Brillante"2:21
No 19 In A Minor, Op Posth (Vers 1830)1:55
No 16 In G Flat Major, Op Posth6:00
No 2 In D Flat Major1:48
No 2 In A Flat Major2:39
Scherzo No 1 In B Minor, Op 208:36
No 7 In C Major1:39
No 6 In G Minor, Op 15 No 35:25
4. Finale. Presto1:27
No 8 In F Major2:26
No 11 In E Flat Major2:15
No 12 In C Minor "Revolutionary"2:36
Ecossaise In G Major, Op 72 No 40:34
No 12 In C Minor2:49
No 3 In A Flat Major, Op 477:55
No 13 In C Minor, Op 48 No 16:09
Feuille D'Album In E Major1:14
No 10 In A Flat Major, Op 32 No 26:30
No 5 In E Minor3:23
No 9 In E Major1:43
No 1 In F Minor2:39
No 24 In D Minor2:39
No 3 In C Sharp Minor2:07
No 1 In A Minor3:23
No 4 In C Sharp Minor2:14
Mazurkas • Mazurken, Op 41
No 13 In D Flat Major, Op 70 No 32:46
No 2 In A Minor1:30
No 1 In A Flat Major "Aeolian Harp"2:30
Boléro In C Major, Op 197:36
No 2 In A Minor2:33
No 2 In E Minor2:03
No 4 In F Major, Op 15 No 14:29
No 3 IN G Flat Major. Op 516:01
Sonata No 3 In B Minor, Op 58
Mazurka In C Major2:05
Souvenir De Paganini3:56
No 10 In C Sharp Minor0:31
No 3 In F Minor2:30
No 10 In F Minor, Op 71 No 35:15
No 14 In G Sharp Minor, Op Posth4:17
No 21 In C Minor, Op Posth3:42
Mazurkas • Mazurken, Op 24
No 3 In A Major, Op 40 No 15:35
Fantaisie-Impromptu In C Sharp Minor, OP 665:29
2. Scherzo - Più Lento - Tempo I6:26
2. Minuetto. Allegretto5:14
Mazurka In A Minor (Notre Temps No 23:23
Mazurkas • Mazurken, Op 59
No 2 In F Sharp Major, Op 366:05
Waltzses • Walzer • Valses
Rondeau In C Minor, Op 18:43
No 2 In F Minor1:46
No 3 In F Major1:51
2. Scherzo. Molto Vivace2:37
No 7 In A Flat Major, Op 6112:11
Études • Etüden, Op 10
Études • Etüden, Op 25
No 3 In F Major1:31
No 18 In F Minor0:54
No 11 In G Minor, Op Posth3:24
No 8 In D Flat Major, Op 27 No 25:57
No 7 In A Major0:45
No 2 In F Major, Op 387:09
No 4 In B Flat Minor4:03
Largo In E Flat Major1:25
No 4 In F Minor2:50
No 1 In G Major2:37
No 2 In E Minor1:56
No 17 In B Major, Op 62 No 17:29
No 12 In F Minor/A Flat Major, Op 70 No 21:37
No 13 In F Sharp Major3:36
No 2 In A Minor2:25
No 2 In A Flat Major, Op 34 No 1 "Valse Brillante"4:54
No 8 In A Flat Major, Op 64 No 32:54
Tarentelle In A Flat Major, Op 433:04
No 11 In G Minor, Op 37 No 17:17
No 18 In E Major, Op 62 No 26:15
Mazurka In G Major1:34
No 3 In E Major4:24
Prélude No 25 In C Sharp Minor, Op 456:31
Mazurkas • Mazurken, Op 50
Préludes, Op 28
No 13 In A Flat Major, Op Posth3:31
Scherzo No 4 In E Major, Op 5410:15
No 2 In C Major1:47
No 3 In A Flat Major3:24
Mazurka In A Flat Major1:37
Allegro De Concert In A Major, Op 4612:09
No 7 In C Sharp Minor, Op 64 No 23:43
Fantaisie In F Minor, Op 4911:46
Barcarolle In F Sharp Major, Op 608:25
No 7 In C Sharp Minor, Op 27 No 15:30
No 4 In F Minor, Op 5210:54
Prélude No 26 In A Flat Major, Op Posth0:51
No 4 In A Flat Major1:53
No 1 In B Major2:19
No 12 In G Sharp Minor1:09
Mazurkas • Mazurken, Op 17
No 5 In A Flat Major, Op 42 "Grande Valse"3:52
No 1 In C Sharp Minor, Op 26 No 17:12
Mazurka In B Flat Major1:36
No 5 In F Sharp Minor, Op 4410:11
No 3 In G Major2:28
No 5 In G Flat Major "Black Keys"1:47
No 5 In D Major0:36


CategoryArtistTitle (Format)LabelCategoryCountryYear
456 376-2Chopin - Nikita Magaloff Chopin - Nikita Magaloff - The Complete Piano Music ‎(13xCD, Comp + Box)Philips Classics456 376-2GermanyUnknown
8802076Chopin - Nikita Magaloff Chopin - Nikita Magaloff - Complete Piano Works ‎(13xCD, Comp + Box)Newton Classics8802076Netherlands2011

Album Info

Nikita Magaloff was the first pianist to record all of Chopin's solo music, which he did between 1974 and 1978 for the Philips label. In 2011 Newton Classics reissued all of those in this one set. Chopin dominated Magaloff's repertoire and recitals, perhaps understandably since Magaloff's teacher Isidore Philipp was a student of Chopin's. Listen free to Nikita Magaloff Chopin: The Complete Piano Music Chopin: Piano Sonata No. 1 in C minor, Op. Allegro maestoso, Piano Sonata No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 4: II. Minuetto Allegretto and more. 200 tracks 740:39. Nikita Magaloff. Classical 1997. Piano Sonata No. Allegro maestoso. By Frédéric Chopin. Minuetto Allegretto. Chopin: The Complete Piano Music. Composers: Frédéric Chopin. Finale Presto. 2 in B flat minor, : 1. Grave - Doppio movimento. Nikita Magaloff, piano. Educational use only. No copyright infringement intended. Franz Liszt - 3 is the first global music streaming service with high fidelity sound, hi-def video quality, along with expertly curated playlists and original content - making it a trusted source for music and culture. Chopin: Piano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor, - 1. Chopin: Complete Piano Music. Box Set, Import. Magaloff, Nikita Artist, Chopin, Fryderyk Composer Format: Audio CD. This admirable compilation includes all the piano music, a huge and titanic effort of this fabulous pianist who, although he is not regarded as one of the greatest interpreters of Chopin, his reading is honest, convincing and sincere. I bought this compilation on LP. format, and so I may guarantee you is a worthy buy. 11 - Three Mazurkas, Op. Frédéric Chopin: Concert for Piano No. 1 in E Minor, Op. Latest albums by Nikita Magaloff. Les tableaux d'une exposition et autres grandes. Granados, E. Goyescas, Book 1, El Pelele. Chopin: Recital. Chopin: Piano Encores, 2011. 24 Preludes, Op. 28: No. 15 in D-Flat Major Raindrop, 05:24. Nocturne No. 8 in D-Flat Major, Op. 27 No. Now playing. Ed Sheeran South of the Border feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B. Тнт music radio. Rudimental These Days feat. Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen. Genre: Piano music. Composer: Frederic Chopin. Performers: - Nikita Magaloff. In MP3 format In FLAC format. CD 01


Listen to music from Chopin Nikita Magaloff like Waltz no. 17 in E-flat, op. Waltz no. 13 in D-flat, op. 70 no. 3 & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Chopin Nikita : Nikita Magaloff. Frédéric Chopin. Nikita Magaloff. Chopin - 16 Mazurkas - Nikita Magaloff. Chopin - Nikita Magaloff - Nocturnes op 37 n2 à No 21 in C minor, Op. 28 No. 4 - 1 HOUR Piano Classical Music for Studying Concentration - Продолжительность: Magaloff. Класична музика 2014. By Frédéric Chopin. Nocturne No. 20 in C-Sharp Minor, P. 116: Lento con gran espressione. Nikita Magaloff Russian: Никита Магалов 21 February 1912 26 December 1992 was a Georgian-Russian pianist. He was born in Saint Petersburg to a Georgian noble family named Maghalashvili. Magaloff and his family left Russia in 1918 for Finland. His musical interest first stimulated by family friend Serge Prokofiev, he studied with Alexander Siloti before going to Paris, where he studied with Isidor Philipp, chair of the piano department at the Paris Conservatory. He numbered. or open in our Desktop app. Chopin: Piano Sonata No. 1 in C minor, Op. Allegro maestoso. Minuetto Allegretto. Finale Presto. 2 in B flat minor, - 1. Grave - Doppio movimento. 2 in B flat minor, - 2. Scherzo - Più lento - Tempo I. Скачать песню Frederic Chopin Nocturne Op 48 No 1 in C minor Nikita Magaloff на телефон рингтон на звонок, либо слушать mp3 в хорошем качестве 320 kbps вы можете на underrated, Nikita Magaloff recorded the work of his life with this set of Chopin piano. You won't fail in getting it, here are his excellent Nocturnes performances as well as his beautiful Fantasy in F Minor or the Impromptu Fantasy. It is a pitty there are not many Magaloff recordings, for his Scriabin Études are impressively good and his Schumann Carnival is fine as well. If you like music, you should hear Chopin. This collection is masterfully produced and performed, truly awe-inspiring stuff. A box set for so little money its almost obscene, you cannot afford not to own it . Nikolaus Nikita Magaloff 1912-1992 plays Chopin's Mazurka in A flat major, No. He studied with Alexander Siloti and Isidor Philipp. Joseph Szigeti's daughter Irene became Magaloff's wife. In 1949, he took over Dinu Lipatti's post at the Geneva Conservatory. Magaloff was renowned for his playing of Chopin. Компании и т. Record Company Decca Music Group Limited. Над релизом работали. Composed By Chopin . Piano Nikita Magaloff. Producer Victor Olof. Recorded at Victoria hall, Geneva, November 1954
Performer: Maurizio Pollini, Chopin
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